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Happy Birthday In Tahitian

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In this article, you will learn how to say “Happy Birthday” in Tahitian. Whether you’re planning to celebrate a special occasion with a Tahitian friend or simply want to expand your language skills, knowing how to wish someone a happy birthday in Tahitian can be a meaningful and thoughtful gesture. Tahitian is a Polynesian language spoken primarily in French Polynesia, and by learning a few key phrases, you can show your appreciation for the Tahitian culture and language. So let’s explore how to say “Happy Birthday” in Tahitian and impress your Tahitian friends with your language skills!

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Have you ever wondered how to say “Happy Birthday” in Tahitian or how birthdays are celebrated in Tahiti? Well, look no further! In this article, we will explore the traditional Tahitian birthday celebrations, common expressions used to wish someone a happy birthday, and even some useful Tahitian vocabulary and phrases to enhance your birthday greetings. So whether you’re planning to celebrate a Tahitian friend’s birthday or simply curious about Tahitian culture, get ready to dive into the world of birthdays in Tahiti!

Greeting Someone on Their Birthday

Formal Greeting

When greeting someone on their birthday in a formal setting, it’s important to show respect and use proper language. In Tahitian, you can say “Ia ora na i to ‘outou mahana huru” which translates to “May you have a happy birthday.” This formal greeting acknowledges the person’s special day and sends them well wishes for the year ahead.

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Informal Greeting

In more casual settings or among friends and family, you can use a simpler greeting. A common expression to wish someone a happy birthday in Tahitian is “Ia orana e ia mau mahana huru” which means “Hello and happy birthday.” This informal greeting captures the warmth and familiarity of celebrating a loved one’s special day.

Happy Birthday In Tahitian

Common Expressions

Wishing Someone a Happy Birthday

When it comes to actually wishing someone a happy birthday in Tahitian, you can use the expression “O teie ‘ia ta’u huru” which means “Happy birthday to you.” This straightforward phrase conveys your well wishes and celebrates the person’s special day.

Wishing for Many More Birthdays to Come

To express your hopes for many more birthdays to come, you can say “Huru mau ia matou i te mau mahana” which translates to “May you have many more birthdays.” This expression is a heartfelt way to convey your desire for the person to continue celebrating their special day for years to come.

Traditional Celebrations

Traditional Tahitian Birthday Celebrations

In Tahitian culture, birthdays hold great significance and are celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. Traditional Tahitian birthday celebrations often include gatherings of family and friends, feasting on delicious food, and engaging in cultural dances and songs to honor the birthday person.


Like many other cultures, decorations play a key role in Tahitian birthday celebrations. Brightly colored flowers, such as tiare or hibiscus, are commonly used to adorn the surroundings and create a festive atmosphere. Additionally, vibrant fabrics and tapestries featuring traditional Tahitian motifs are used to decorate the space, adding a touch of cultural richness to the celebrations.

Traditional Birthday Foods

Food is an integral part of any celebration, and Tahitian birthdays are no exception. Traditional Tahitian cuisine often features dishes such as poisson cru (raw fish marinated in coconut milk), fafaru (fermented fish), and taro-based dishes. These delicacies are enjoyed by guests and are symbolic of the rich culinary heritage of Tahiti.

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Happy Birthday In Tahitian

Birthday Customs

Gift Giving

In Tahitian culture, gift giving is a common practice during birthdays. Traditional gifts may include handmade crafts, clothing adorned with traditional patterns, or symbolic items that hold cultural significance. It is customary to present these gifts with both hands as a sign of respect.

Birthday Songs and Dances

Music and dance are fundamental parts of Tahitian culture, and they take center stage during birthday celebrations. Friends and family gather to perform traditional songs and dances, known as “ori Tahiti,” in honor of the birthday person. These lively performances create an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Blowing Out the Candles

Blowing out the candles on a birthday cake is a universal tradition, and in Tahiti, it holds special cultural significance as well. Before blowing out the candles, it is customary for the birthday person to make a wish silently. This tradition is believed to bring good luck and ensure a prosperous year ahead.

Tahitian Vocabulary

To truly immerse yourself in Tahitian birthday celebrations, learning some key vocabulary can greatly enhance your interactions. Here are a few essential words and phrases to get you started:

Days of the Week

  • Monday: Manea
  • Tuesday: Tura
  • Wednesday: Paraparau
  • Thursday: Akarearea
  • Friday: Mahuru
  • Saturday: Matahiti
  • Sunday: Tapati

Months of the Year

  • January: Genvera
  • February: Hepetema
  • March: Mati
  • April: ‘Apereira
  • May: Mei
  • June: Hune
  • July: Tiurai
  • August: ‘Aukute
  • September: Mahana
  • October: Oketopa
  • November: Noema
  • December: Titema


  • One: ‘ete
  • Two: piti
  • Three: toru
  • Four: maha
  • Five: pae
  • Six: ono
  • Seven: hitu
  • Eight: varu
  • Nine: iva
  • Ten: ‘ahuru


  • How old are you?: E haeha’a maua?

Happy Birthday In Tahitian

Useful Phrases

Greeting Someone

  • Hello: Ia orana
  • Good morning: Ia orana i te poipoi
  • Good afternoon: Ia orana i te ‘apō ‘āri’i
  • Good evening: Ia orana i te pō
  • Goodbye: Nānā
  • See you later: ‘Apatoira

Expressing Good Wishes

  • Best wishes: Te mama te huru
  • All the best: Nā roa’te huru
  • Have a great day: Ia roa te mahana
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Congratulations on Turning Another Year Older

  • Congratulations on your birthday: Te maeva iā ‘oe i te huru i tahiti i te mahana
  • May your birthday be filled with joy: Ia teie ‘ia ta’u huru o te ho’o
  • Have a fantastic birthday: Ia ora na ‘oe i to ‘outou huru huru

Thanking People for Their Birthday Wishes

  • Thank you for your birthday wishes: Māuruuru i te huru huru o teie mahana
  • I appreciate your kind words: Te fārii atu nei iā ‘oe i roto i te ho’o huru iā ‘oe

Tips for Pronunciation

Vowel Sounds

Tahitian is known for its melodic and lyrical quality, which is largely due to its vowel sounds. Here are some tips to help you with Tahitian pronunciation:

  • ‘A’: similar to the “a” sound in “father”
  • ‘E’: pronounced as the “ay” in “may”
  • ‘I’: pronounced as the “ee” in “see”
  • ‘O’: similar to the “o” sound in “so”
  • ‘U’: pronounced as the “oo” in “too”

Consonant Sounds

  • ‘H’: pronounced as in English, with a soft and gentle exhalation of air
  • ‘P’: pronounced with a gentle puff of air, similar to the “p” sound in English
  • ‘R’: rolled “r” sound, similar to the Spanish “rr” or the French “r”
  • ‘T’: pronounced as in English, with a clear “t” sound

Cultural Considerations

Respecting Elderly

In Tahitian culture, respect for the elderly is deeply ingrained. When attending a Tahitian birthday celebration, it is important to show deference and honor to elderly guests. This can be done by greeting them first, using appropriate language, and seeking their guidance and wisdom during conversations.

Avoiding Certain Superstitions

Tahitian culture is rich in superstitions and beliefs. When participating in a Tahitian birthday celebration, it is important to be aware of certain superstitions and avoid any actions that might be considered disrespectful or inauspicious. It is advisable to seek guidance from a local guide or host to ensure cultural sensitivity.

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Birthdays in Tahiti are vibrant and joyous occasions, filled with traditional customs, music, and delicious food. By learning some key Tahitian vocabulary and phrases, you can actively participate in these celebrations and make meaningful connections with the local culture. Whether you’re sending well wishes to a Tahitian friend or experiencing a Tahitian birthday firsthand, the knowledge and understanding gained from this article will surely enhance your celebration experience. So go ahead, spread some birthday joy the Tahitian way and embrace the cultural diversity of our global community!

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