Happy Birthday In Romanian




Happy Birthday In Romanian

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If you’re interested in expanding your linguistic knowledge and celebrating birthdays in different languages, then “Happy Birthday In Romanian” is the perfect article for you. As a part of our comprehensive language series, this article aims to provide you with practical insights into the Romanian language while fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate language learner, this article will equip you with the knowledge of how to wish someone a happy birthday in Romanian. With clear pronunciation and an easy-to-follow format, you’ll be ready to impress and delight your Romanian-speaking friends with your birthday greetings.

Happy Birthday In Romanian

Introduction to Romanian language

Romanian is a Romance language spoken primarily in Romania and Moldova. It is the official language of both countries and is also spoken by Romanian communities in other parts of the world. Learning Romanian can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to connect with the culture, history, and people of Romania. In this article, we will explore how to greet someone on their birthday in Romanian, learn the Romanian version of the Happy Birthday song, discover cultural birthday traditions, explore birthday wishes and messages in Romanian, and provide tips for celebrating a Romanian birthday.

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Greeting someone on their birthday

When it comes to greeting someone on their birthday in Romanian, there are both formal and informal ways to do so. If you are greeting someone in a formal setting or someone you don’t know well, you can say “La mulți ani!”, which translates to “Happy birthday!” in English. This phrase is commonly used in formal settings or when wishing someone a happy birthday on social media or through a birthday card.

In more informal settings or with friends and family, you can use the phrase “Sărbători fericite!”, which translates to “Happy celebrations!” in English. This phrase is more relaxed and is commonly used when celebrating someone’s birthday in a casual setting or during a birthday party.

Regardless of which phrase you choose to use, it is important to emphasize the importance of the occasion and let the birthday celebrant know that you are genuinely happy for them. Adding a smile and a warm tone of voice can go a long way in making someone’s day even more special.

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Happy Birthday In Romanian

Singing the Happy Birthday song

Singing the Happy Birthday song is a common tradition worldwide, and Romania has its own version of the song. In Romanian, the words to the Happy Birthday song are: “La mulți ani cu sănătate, La mulți ani cu bucurie, La mulți ani cu iubire, Să trăiești, să trăiești, să trăiești!”

This translates to: “Happy birthday with health, Happy birthday with joy, Happy birthday with love, Long live, long live, long live!”

The melody and rhythm of the Romanian Happy Birthday song are similar to the English version. It is a joyful and upbeat song that is usually sung along with clapping and cheering. Learning this song and singing it to someone on their birthday in Romanian can be a fun and special way to celebrate their special day.

Cultural traditions

Romanian culture places great importance on family, and birthdays are an opportunity to gather and celebrate together. In Romanian birthday traditions, family members and friends often gather to wish the birthday celebrant a happy birthday and give them gifts. It is customary for the birthday person to receive an odd number of gifts, as odd numbers are considered lucky in Romanian culture.

When it comes to birthday foods and desserts, some traditional Romanian dishes are often prepared for the celebration. These may include dishes like sarmale (cabbage rolls), mici (grilled minced meat rolls), cozonac (sweet bread with fillings like nuts or chocolate), and clătite (pancakes). These delicious foods are enjoyed by the birthday celebrant and all the guests, adding to the festive atmosphere of the celebration.

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In terms of celebration venues and decorations, Romanian birthday parties can be held at home, at a restaurant, or at another chosen location. Decorations like balloons, streamers, and banners are often used to create a festive atmosphere. It is common to see birthday cakes decorated with candles that represent the age of the celebrant, and the candles are blown out as everyone sings the Happy Birthday song.

Happy Birthday In Romanian

Birthday wishes and messages

When it comes to birthday wishes and messages in Romanian, there are various options depending on the relationship you have with the birthday celebrant. If you are close friends or family, you can opt for more personalized and heartfelt messages. For example, you can say “La mulți ani! Să ai tot ce-ți dorești și să fii înconjurat de iubire și fericire!” which means “Happy birthday! May you have everything you wish for and be surrounded by love and happiness!”

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If you are sending a birthday message to a colleague or a professional acquaintance, a more formal tone may be appropriate. In this case, you can say “Vă dorim un sincer La mulți ani! Să aveți o zi minunată și mult succes în toate realizările dumneavoastră!” which translates to “We wish you a sincere Happy birthday! May you have a wonderful day and successful achievements in all your endeavors!”

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It is important to customize the message based on the recipient’s personality and the kind of relationship you share with them. Adding personal touches can make the birthday wish more meaningful and special.

Common birthday phrases

If you are attending a Romanian birthday celebration or simply want to extend your wishes in a brief manner, there are some common phrases you can use. These phrases can be used as standalone birthday wishes or as part of a conversation during the celebration.

Here are a few examples of common birthday phrases in Romanian:

  • “La mulți ani!” – Happy birthday!
  • “Sărbători fericite!” – Happy celebrations!
  • “Cu ocazia zilei tale de naștere, îți doresc să fii sănătos/sănătoasă și fericit/fericită în fiecare zi!” – On your birthday, I wish you to be healthy and happy every day!
  • “Fie ca toate dorințele să ți se îndeplinească și să ai parte de noroc și bucurie în viață!” – May all your wishes come true and may you have luck and joy in life!

Remember to deliver these phrases with a warm smile and genuine enthusiasm to convey your well wishes to the birthday celebrant.

Happy Birthday In Romanian

Pronunciation guide

Learning the pronunciation of Romanian words and phrases can greatly enhance your ability to greet someone on their birthday in Romanian, sing the Happy Birthday song, and communicate effectively during a Romanian birthday celebration. Here are some key pronunciation rules to keep in mind:

  • The letter “ă” is pronounced similar to the “a” in the word “cat”.
  • The letter “â” is pronounced like the “u” in the word “hut”.
  • The letter “ș” is pronounced like the “sh” in the word “sheep”.
  • The letter “ț” is pronounced like the “ts” in the word “cats”.
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These are just a few examples, and it is important to practice and familiarize yourself with the specific sounds of the Romanian language. Listening to native speakers and using pronunciation guides can help improve your accent and fluency.

Tips for celebrating a Romanian birthday

If you have the opportunity to celebrate a Romanian birthday or participate in a Romanian birthday celebration, here are some tips to help you navigate and make the most of the experience:

  1. Understanding cultural norms and etiquette: Familiarize yourself with Romanian birthday customs and traditions to ensure you are respectful and sensitive to cultural norms. Being aware of the importance of family and the significance of gift-giving can help you actively participate in the celebration.
  2. Choosing appropriate gifts: Consider the recipient’s preferences and interests when selecting a gift. Thoughtful and personalized gifts are highly appreciated in Romanian culture. It is also customary to give an odd number of gifts, as mentioned earlier.
  3. Participating in traditional customs and activities: Engage in traditional activities such as singing the Happy Birthday song in Romanian, clapping, and cheering along with the other guests. Embrace the cultural traditions and enjoy the festive atmosphere.
  4. Interacting with Romanian birthday guests: If you are attending a Romanian birthday party with guests who are predominantly Romanian, take this opportunity to practice your language skills and engage in conversations with native speakers. This can help you improve your understanding of the language and culture while building connections with new friends.


In conclusion, wishing someone a happy birthday in Romanian can be a wonderful way to celebrate and show your love and respect for the birthday celebrant. Whether you choose to greet them formally or informally, sing the Romanian Happy Birthday song, or learn about Romanian birthday traditions, embracing the language and culture adds depth and meaning to the celebration. By understanding the cultural significance and following the tips provided, you can fully immerse yourself in the joy and festivities of a Romanian birthday. La mulți ani! Happy birthday!

Additional resources

If you are interested in further exploring the Romanian language and culture, here are some additional resources you may find helpful:

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These resources can provide a deeper understanding of the Romanian language and culture, enabling you to continue your language learning journey and explore new horizons.

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